Advantages Working in a “Rosemount Business Park”

Rosemount Business Park refers to an area where many office buildings are clustered together. Rosemount Business-Parks are most popular in suburbs where land values tend to be lower. Rosemount Business Parks tend to be single-story, as most of them are built with one-story buildings. For optimal mobility of staff, materials and personnel, they are located close to major roads and highways.

The Powers Ferry, and Curie Drive properties of EpiCity are very popular Rosemount Business Parks. The Powers Ferry Rosemount Business Park covers more than 26 acres and has 262,000 square feet of rentable space (RSF). The 225 Curie Drive Rosemount Business-Park is located in Windward Rosemount Business Park. It has 30,000 RSF and similar amenities. Both properties have exceptional access to interstate highways and major thoroughfares.

Drive-in doors, large truck courts, lots of convenient parking, easy accessibility to major expressways and close proximity to housing and banks, restaurants and shopping are just a few of the amenities available.

Beautiful landscaping and outdoor seating are additional features that make it a great place to enjoy lunch or work outdoors on a warm Georgia day. Two of Rosemount Business Park’s residents, Alpha Elements, and Suburban Consulting Engineers, Inc., would like to be introduced to you.

Alpha Elements enjoys Flex Space at Powers Ferry Rosemount Business Park

Alpha Elements opened its offices in Powers Ferry Rosemount Business Park last summer. Ron Yung, president, said that they chose Powers Ferry Rosemount Business Park for the flex space. Ron said, “The flexibility space really sold us.” The space allows us to store our inventory here, and also allows us to control and manage our inventory onsite. The unit is located in the corner, which gives us more windows. EpiCity was great to work with, and Tom Stokes is an awesome guy. Everyone has been very helpful and kind.”

Alpha Elements has the feel of a loft office with exposed concrete floors and LED lighting, and all the benefits of flex space. This is what they want for their headquarters.

There may be 25 people in the space on any given day. The office also houses three full-time employees. The Atlanta office personal business serves Georgia and Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama. South Carolina, North Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina.

The company’s main focus is on insulating and ventilating homes. Ron says that the company starts at the top of a home and seals up any holes. Then it installs solar-powered attic insulation and ventilation systems. Alpha Elements manufactures the insulation, and holds worldwide patents.

Ron is a transplant, originally from San Diego and then Jupiter, FL. He is now happy to call Buckhead home and enjoys it. He adds that “business is five times better then I expected, and I continue seeing tremendous potential!”

We are thrilled for Alpha Elements, and that they chose Powers Ferry Rosemount Business Park.

Suburban Consulting Engineers, rosemount business park Inc. Expands into 225 Curie Drive

Suburban Consulting Engineers, Inc. (SCE) has two offices in New Jersey, including the office headquarters. Recently, it has become a multistate firm with an Alpharetta, Georgia location at 225 Curie Drive, Suite 1303.

SCE is a multi-disciplined, full-service engineering, geospatial and land surveying firm that represents various clients in the region, including municipalities, counties and state agencies, community associations and private clients.

Leann Phil, Marketing Manager at SCE, stated that “our team is eager for continued growth and development as a company by expanding the service areas throughout the United States” and building relationships with new clients in the region. “The acquisition of the Georgia office was a strategic and thoughtful move by our leadership team in order to open up future florida business bank opportunities for a rapidly developing area.”

Leann says that there were many appealing aspects to the area and location that influenced their decision-making. Alpharetta has been a popular location for businesses since the infrastructure improvements that were made over ten years ago to draw new business nationwide. The location at 225 Curie Drive is equipped with all the technology (cable, electricity, etc.). For a technologically advanced company, this is what you need. Georgia 400 is close to the office. This allows staff to easily travel to project sites or commute to the office from other areas. The actual building at 225 Curie Drive was chosen for their office space because of its location and the fact that it is a storefront building with a garage for SCE equipment.

Differential Pressure Level Measurement: Advantages and Drawbacks


  • These are some of the main benefits associated with methods of measuring level using differential pressure.
  • You can easily mount or retrofit differential pressure-based level sensors to the vessel’s surface.
  • These sensors can be equipped with block valves to isolate them from the process fluid.
    These can be used in level measurement applications, such as total level in separator vessel. Other level measurement devices business internships may not be possible due to the large changes in material formation in the upper state.


  • There are a few downsides to differential pressure transmitters, as we will discuss below.
    If the density of the fluid changes due to temperature variations or process change, it is possible for errors in measurements to be introduced. To get precise results, it is important to maintain the same density throughout the process.
  • The differential pressure transmitter only works with clean liquids. It requires two vessel penetrations to function, one near the vessel base, where leakage occurs.
  • They should be avoided when using liquids like paper pulp stock, as they can cause solidification due to the increase in concentration.
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