How to Get Your Hotel Guests Back The Essentials

It is difficult to get a steady clientele and guests to return. At a hospitality conference, we had the privilege of speaking with DJ Rama. He is the Auro Hotels Group’s head and is undoubtedly one of the most respected hoteliers in the country. We spoke briefly about a variety of topics related to the hotel industry. One topic that I was keen to discuss was guest retention. How hotels can increase guest loyalty.

The DJ spent a lot of time on this topic, with varying degrees success. He also noted that it was equally important to hotel owners to retain customers as it is for them to attract new guests. This could lead to hotels focusing on new customers, which can be a bad way to spend their time. They may also be losing out on a lot of revenue if they neglect guest retention. DJ shared with me some tips and strategies that hotels can use to get guests back.

The Experience

If the customer has not had a good experience, there is no way to convince them to return to your hotel. Owners and managers need to review the entire experience before they launch any campaign that aims to bring back guests to their hotel. From the moment a guest enters the hotel, until they leave, their experience should be flawless. The service should be prompt and efficient. You will be able to entice guests back again if you can give them a 9/10 experience. The customer experience is the most important aspect of any guest’s visit.

Limited time discount

If your guest had a positive experience with you, it’s a great way for them to return. You can’t give a coupon with a 40% discount to guests if you don’t have it in writing. They will forget about the card and may go to the competition. However, if you offer to guarantee 40% off your next stay, but they must book within 48 hours, people will be more likely to take up the offer.

Email Address

It is important to obtain the email address and permission of your guest to send marketing emails. To be authentic, however, it is important to not send marketing emails very often. It is easy to keep in touch with customers by sending them simple emails thanking them for their support and wishing them safe travels home.

Reward Program

A small rewards program that allows customers to earn points for every dollar they spend at your hotel, even the room fees, is another great way to encourage them to return to your hotel. These points will add up over time and customers can use them for discounts on meals and stays. You could also offer a complimentary stay to the customer after they have stayed 3 times with you. These little incentives will encourage customers to stay with you in the future. People love offers and if you create it for them, it is likely they will want to do so again.

This is the most important point. The customer experience is the first. If that isn’t right, any additional ideas you have will be thrown out the window.