What Every Online Business Should Know

No matter what online business model you choose to run, you will need a content strategy. You won’t attract search engine traffic to your site or give prospects a reason not to return to it. Potential customers won’t be able to make informed purchases if they don’t have the right information.

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To increase your sales, you should consider using email marketing strategies to market your business. This will allow you to capture information from visitors to your site and follow up with them.

Every business must drive traffic to its website and write compelling copy to sell their products and services. They also need to build an email list to follow up on leads and receive repeat business.

Which online business model will you choose?

Let’s go back to the delicious spaghetti recipe. Now that you know more about the sales models, you are closer to starting your own business in any of these ways:

  • Selling physical products

You can produce delicious pasta sauce in large quantities, store it, and ship it to pasta lovers all over the world. There are many options for sizes and flavors.

Either you need to set up a factory, or outsource production. This is costly in both cases. Consider drop shipper, payment gateway, manufacturing, claims, returns.

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  • Selling a service

A unique recipe could become the foundation for an Italian-style catering business. You could promote your catering business by creating a brochure-style website. You could also offer training in-house to restaurants. Perhaps you could provide coaching for individuals who wish to learn how to make delicious and authentic spaghetti.

It will be easier to set up and invest than with a physical product. Selling a service should make it easier to differentiate yourself from the competition.

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  • Selling an information product

This is the simplest and most stress-free option. A simple ebook could be written explaining the steps and ingredients of your favorite recipe. You could make this a fully-fledged cooking membership site with videos and a member forum. As your membership grows, so can your content.

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Who’s to say that you can’t have all three business models? You could create a physical product or service empire that includes all of these online models.