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Prada Sneaker Highsnobiety Streetwear magazine has launched an exclusive ecommerce platform. However, it will not be available to advertisers: The company’s chief executive envisions a client base as carefully curated as its products.

Highsnobiety started as David Fischer’s personal blog about urban fashion, footwear, and culture. It has evolved into an online magazine that is known for its discernment in matters of Supreme drops and Prada Sneaker over the past 14 years.

It now has offices in New York City, London, and Fischer’s hometown of Berlin. Highsnobiety’s newest venture, e-commerce has been a success. It offers designers an alternative online storefront that is filled with custom-branded content.

Prada Sneaker Retailer existed

Fischer, now the chief executive of the company, stated that Highsnobiety was always closely tied to product and product discovery. This is true from 2005, the very first day that the blog Prada Sneaker Retailer existed. “Ever since then, we’ve tried here and there in the e-commerce area… but this is the first time that we see it as a major next chapter for our company and the future second stream revenue stream for us.”

Highsnobiety Shop is not like other e-commerce platforms. Prada Sneaker, its launch partner, opened its shop window weeks before the Linea Rossa collection of bucket hats Nylon vests and sneakers were available for purchase. The clock timer kept track of the seconds that passed before the items appeared on Highsnobiety’s homepage.

The Prada Sneaker microsite began to be filled with branded content. This included a Luis Alberto Rodriguez collection film, an inside tour at the label’s Italian plant and an oral history about the designer’s relationship to hip-hop. Fischer believes that brands will be interested in these videos and stories, which are now found among the shopping cart links.

He stated that “We want to really take our position of a curator, storyteller, and combine it with a great shop experience.” That is the most important advantage we have over traditional retailers and other online e-commerce companies. It’s why all of it happens on one page. You don’t have to read each section or shop separately, but you can see everything together.

Fischer believes that advertising and branded content will be the company’s top revenue drivers. Fischer, who may be unusually, has built a “Chinese wall”, between the advertiser products.

Highsnobiety’s Prada Sneaker Team, advertiser sales team, are instructed not to offer Shop deals to clients without the approval of the commerce team.

Fischer stated, “We want to ensure that advertising revenue is not lost to ecommerce revenue. We also need to ensure that our ecommerce offering only offers the best products in the world.” “We’re being selective, extremely selective.”

Highsnobiety will not be able to sell all its e-commerce partners with “Selective” pricing ($210 for a pair socks). Fischer wants to only sell the most culturally relevant items on the site and he wants exclusive items via a collection drop model.

The shoppable website will also generate a third revenue stream: private label products. Highsnobiety X has collaborated previously with Umbro and Xbox. The majority of these collections have achieved hype status. Adidas sneakers, which were released in 2016, still sell for $700 at eBay. Fischer now has a 24/7 retail outlet and is planning to expand its own-brand drops. The next one is set for July. He is also in talks with platforms like Facebook about the future of Highsnobiety.

Fischer stated that part of the strategy was to offer great products and to show up where our audience spends most of their time. It’s important for us to create more storefronts in future. might be one storefront but Instagram and WhatsApp could be others. We want to innovate on how things are made available for purchase… and we’re certainly looking to do lots of interesting things.

Fischer stated that brands today struggle to find the time, space or ability to tell the stories behind the amazing products they make. They have a fantastic Prada Sneaker opportunity to do this through our new platform. This is the most important thing.

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