7 Fastest and Most Efficient

Ways to Replace Social Security Card

Some documents are vital and should be kept safe. These documents can be subject to many things. These documents are vital and help to verify identity. It could result in severe hardship if it is lost or stolen. However, there is an option to replace your Ohio social security card. But you must first do certain things.

1. Request a replacement card

It is simple to replace the physical Social Security Card. The person must request a card, and then fill out an application. They can get this application online at or can stop by their local Social Security Office. The person will need report the matter and within two weeks they will receive a new card. There is no cost to replace a stolen or lost card. A person cannot request a replacement for their Ohio social security card online. This may change in the future, so it is a good idea to check out the Social Security Administration website for current information.

To verify one’s identity, a person must bring some form of identification to the local Social Security office. To verify their identity, they will need their driver’s licence, their state-issued ID card or their passport. The applicant will need to complete an application for a New or Replacement Social Security number and Card. You can either get this form in person or you can print it from the internet.

This form is called the SS 5 form and must be filled out. The form can be filled out online or printed out. They should write clearly in black or blue ink if they fill out the form manually. When submitting an application, the Social Security Administration might ask for a copy of the original birth certificate. After the application is submitted, the agency will process it and issue a copy to the person within a few weeks.

2. Fraud Alert

If a person realizes that their social security card has been lost or stolen, they must take steps to protect their identity. You should place a fraud alert in your credit file. This will give them some protection against identity theft. One can contact any of the three credit reporting agencies. You can call Equifax, TransUnion or Experian Company to request an alert. The caller will need to contact other agencies. A fraud alert will enable a person keep track of their credit. The alert will remain active for 90 days. If a person feels that their identity has been compromised after this period, they can renew their signal.

3. Contact the IRS

The victim must contact the IRS to report that their social security card has been stolen or lost. This will stop another person from filing tax returns and using the victim’s identity and name. You can find a basic guide on how to report at the IRS website. A person can also have additional protection and monitoring added to their account.

4. Contact the FTC

To protect their identity and to reduce the risk of fraud, a person should contact the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC will gather information and allow the person to complete a report. You can contact the FTC by phone or fill out an online form. They will be asked to save their reference number and will receive an FTC Identity Theft affidavit. This will protect the identity of the person in case it is stolen or credit charges are filed under their name.

5. Make a report to the police

A person should file a report with each of these agencies. However, they should also contact the local police department. Even if the person has lost their social security card they must still file a police report.

They should also bring the FTC number with them to file a police report. The story should be kept for your records. This will provide additional protection against fraud and alert the person.

6. Frequency

A person can replace a Social Security Card that was lost or stolen up to three times in a single year. A person can only replace a Social Security card that has been lost or stolen three times in a year. A person cannot request a replacement card if they are changing their legal name or citizenship status.

7. Additional Requirements

A person must be at least 18 to request a replacement Social Security Card. They must have a valid address and be able confirm their identity. A document will be required to prove their age. This can be done with a driver’s license, or a state identification card.

These are just a few ways you can get a replacement Social Security Card in Ohio. It is easy and quick to replace a social security card that has been lost or stolen. To request a replacement card, they will need to present their identification to the Social Security Office and complete a form. They must take steps to protect their identity. Identity theft could be committed if another person is able to obtain their social security number. A report on credit activity should be filed. The police can also request a statement to provide additional protection and open a case for the stolen social security card.