Create a business plan


List all the steps involved in starting your lifestyle business. A website and an email list service are the basics. You must also consider the content and delivery methods you will use. This step will require you to list all of the equipment and tasks you need in order to get started.

Next, create your lifestyle business plan. You should include all details necessary for a traditional business plan. This includes your product or service idea, finances, marketing, and so forth. You’ll need to ensure that it supports your life.

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Take care of your paperwork

Get all permits and licenses required to establish your business structure. You must choose a home if you want to travel lifestyle entrepreneur. Even if you don’t live there most of the year you still need to choose a place of residence. This will be included on all of your business documents.

Market Pricing and Marketing

Establish pricing for your product or service. You should charge enough to finance your lifestyle goals, but not too much to the point that there isn’t a market willing and able to pay your price.

Your website and email marketing channel will also need to be built. This is your business center. Here you will sell your services and yourself.

You will need to identify your ideal customer/client, determine the best way to reach them and develop materials and systems to help your business get in front of them. You can spread the word via email, social media and podcast interviews.

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Automate, systematize, and outsource where possible

Automation could include digital product delivery following a sale, or social media scheduling tools.

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Systems are the processes that manage your business smoothly. These systems can include sales funnels and lead generation systems.

Virtual assistants can be hired to help you manage customer service, marketing and bookkeeping, as well as social media and public relations. You can make more time for your personal goals if you delegate more of the work to others.


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